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Jamaica Hidden Histories

“It would be hard to find a better expression not just of Jamaica’s contribution to modern London but of the tragedy, joy and potential of this very special island story.”
– London Evening Standard

Hanging Out: Then and Now

This video focuses on the immense changes that occurred in popular and social customs during the
1950s and 1960s, brought to life through an exploration of the fashions, music, sport, film, and entertainment.

Co-directed by Lorna Holder and Yvonne Deutschman

Building Bridges © Tuareg Productions

A half-hour documentary about the experiences of the white community in seeing large groups of
Caribbean people arriving in Britain after WW2, 1948 to 1962.
Produced and directed by Lorna Holder.

Moving Out © Tuareg Productions

This short video, takes a unique look at Industrial Nottingham through the eyes of the 1960s
Windrush settlers, focusing on their experiences of, and contributions to the local industries of the
Produced and directed by Lorna Holder.

The Ones We Left Behind © Tuareg Productions

An English elder gives her account of watching on Pathe News Caribbean people arriving on the
Empire Windrush in 1948.
Written & and produced by Lorna Holder. Directed by Eamonn Walker

Departure Lounge © Tuareg Productions

Nena is a woman who is about to return to the Philippines after 25 years working in the UK. As she
sits nervously waiting for the boarding announcement, she must decide, should she return to the
Philippines to the husband she hardly knows and a son whose childhood she missed?
Written and produced by Lorna Holder and directed by Leon Herbert.

Living Under One Roof In Hackney © Tuareg Productions

The story of those who left their home countries in the Caribbean to move to Hackney, the UK in the
1950s & 1960s. It explores what it was like to adjust to a different culture and live and work in
Written, produced, and directed by Lorna Holder

Living Under One Roof – Yellow Room © Tuareg Productions

A Monologue, set in the 1960s about family separation. Dorothy is a hard-working single mother
from Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) who is desperate to bring her four children to England.
Written, produced, and directed by Lorna Holder

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