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Tuareg Productions provide a vast range of digitised photographs, spanning from 1960s - to 2000s, of the British Caribbean experience. These are available for your commercial and cultural use for film, television, newspapers, leaflets, books and magazine publishing.

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Caribbean people 1960s- Young British Caribbean 1970s- Jamaica 1970s- Middle East 1970s- Athens 1970- Egypt 1970 – Hong Kong early 1980s- New York 1980s- Marathons –Olympic Games – America 1982 -South of France 2000- Grenada 2001- World Cups- Gran Prix Bahrain 2004 – Young British Caribbean 1980s-2000s - China 2003 - Russia 2008

We have the full on-line catalogue of 1960s images by Esmel May Woma

Esmel May Woma’s arrived in Nottingham from Jamaica in the early 1960s to study to be a nurse. She immediately purchased a small Kodak camera and began taking pictures of friends and colleagues enjoying their free time. Many images capture the naturalness and intimacy between the African/Caribbean people and the host community.


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